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Family Membership Terms & Conditions


  1. Once parents/carer's have completed the application form overleaf, they remain members for the current year.
  2. One off Membership fee for families if 5.00 dependent on promotions. Tiered membership and loan packages are available on request for groups, childcare providers and health professionals.
  3. Please inform Crich Toy Library of any changes to your contact details to ensure our records are kept up-to-date.


  1. Standard hire charges range from 25 pence to 5.00 per week. These are payable at the beginning of the hire period.

Loan Period

  1. Standard hire period of toys and equipment is seven days. If a toy is returned late, the normal hire fee covering the extended period will be charged.


  1. Please do not pass toys onto friends. Introduce a friend or group to the Toy Library and you can hire a toy for free.
  2. For battery operated toys Crich Toy Library will supply batteries. If they run out during the hire period and you purchase replacement ones, Crich Toy Library will refund you the cost when you return the toy. Please do not use rechargeable batteries unless it is stated safe to do so.
  3. Please ensure toys are returned in a clean condition and with the instructions and storage container (if supplied).
  4. Please do not leave toys and resources outside if they are not designed for this purpose.


  1. Crich Toy Library checks toys on their return to ensure they are in good working order. Broken pieces are removed and replaced where possible. Please also check toys before you allow your children to play with them.
  2. It is your responsibility to check that the toy is suitable for the age and ability of your children. Please take care at home so younger children are not left with toys designed for an older age group.
  3. Please read any safety instructions that accompany the toy. All toys and equipment must only be used for the purpose for which they were designed.
  4. Please supervise your children during Crich Toy Library sessions, as we are not responsible for any accidents that may occur.


  1. If a toy is damaged or parts are misplaced during your hire period, please tell us - accidents do happen! Crich toy Library tries to meet costs of repairs or obtain missing parts free of charge from manufacturers.
  2. Please do not attempt to make repairs to toys as this may affect toy warranties.

Crich Toy Library has a Complains procedure which enables any member to bring to our attention, and resolve, any complaint they have about the Toy Library Service.

Acceptance of these Terms is a condition of membership.

If you have any questions do ask your Toy Library Representative or telephone 0845 009 3019.

© Crich Toy Library